• Popular Satsuma area chicken abalone and grilled ★

    【Birds General Head Office】

    Satsuma chicken is a juicy chicken pride pub.

    Offering fresh Satsuma chicken at reasonable price ♪

    I am stuck with the Satsuma area chicken outstanding fresh to eat raw.

    It is a gem that can not bear the smell of charcoal in elastic fleshy.

    If you enjoy your meal at the Tenmonkan while relaxing in a private room, please come to the main bird headquarters ★

    NET reservation is also accepted from the following gourmet site ♪

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  • A delicious collection of Kagoshima ★

    【Charcoal birds general Kagoshima Central Station shop Aihara (Iroha)】

    A bird who has a history of more than 30 years of age opened at a central station that is the face of Kagoshima ★

    In the central station shop, we stocked a good range of Kagoshima, chicken, black pig, seafood.

    Prepared this year Saigo course named after Taiga "Saigo Don" in public

    It is a profitable course with out of sight price with generous use of sticky ingredients.

    When you stop by the central station, you must come to Birds General Ayai (Iroha) ★

    NET reservation can also be booked from the following gourmet site ♪

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